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Startup Of The Week: Quantela

Quantela, a 2019 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, has developed an AI-based urban services platform called Atlantis to help cities and communities run more efficiently. Its technology is being used by 50 cities around the globe.

The San Francisco-based startup’s Atlantis software platform enables administrators to remotely monitor, control and optimize urban infrastructure. Its platform integrates and analyzes data from a wide range of sources such as IoT sensors, cameras, video analytics, IT systems, eGov services and Open Data.

“We analyze urban infrastructure data and provide actionable insights to help cities and communities operate better and become truly autonomous” says Sridhar Gadhi, Quantela’s founder and CEO. “Take the case of parking: how can you predict demand based on time of day? With our AI based platform we can predict and provide actionable insights.”

Quantela Founder and CEO, Sridhar Gadhi

The company says its technology not only helps cities and communities become more efficient, it reduces costs and/or increases revenue. For example, knowing exactly when to dim smart lighting can result in considerable savings for cities. The four-year-old startup’s business model is based on outcomes delivered to cities and communities, so it takes a percentage of the savings or profits that cities gain by using its technology, Gadhi says.

Quantela sells its technology through system integrator partners, value added resellers and distributors. Depending on the geography these can be companies lik Bell Canada, Presidio, Connexin, Simac or L&T. Quantela also has a technology partnership with networking giant Cisco.

Quantela raised $10 million in funding in 2018 from investment firm Digital Alpha, which has a strategic relationship with Cisco and as a part of its charter has had a focus on IoT and smart cities.

Quantela is one of the early to growth-stage companies from around the world selected by the World Economic Forum to be Technology Pioneers, companies that are poised to have a significant impact on business and society. The Innovator’s editor-in-chief is one of the judges. The focus areas of this year’s Tech Pioneers also includes agritech, cleantech, supply chain, manufacturing, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles and drones.

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