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Boundaries between industries have been blurring for some time. But few would have guessed just a short time ago that a ride-sharing firm or a consortium formed by a gaming company, supermarket and used car dealer would compete for banking license in Singapore. The providers of super apps can come from anywhere and target any sector as long as they do a good job identifying pain points, provide great customer service, add on adjacent offers within the same app and do it seamlessly across geographies and industries. 

Welcome to the new world order where the smartest people at the top are constantly being blindsided by new competitors. The impact is ongoing and all encompassing and no media outlet is effectively helping companies across all industries to understand the waves of change and their impact. The aim of The Innovator  is to fill that gap by explaining technology shifts and giving actionable business information to all of the people tasked with innovating at big corporates. The Innovator will endeavor to inform its readers about the startups from around the world that should be on their radar before it’s too late and tell them what they should know in order to prepare. One of the things that makes us different from other tech and business publications is deep knowledge of the global tech sector and an ability to explain tech trends to a general business audience. The Innovator recognizes that technology alone is not enough. To truly prepare for digital disruption every company will have to reinvent itself and the way it is managed. The issues are the same across industry sectors:  how to scale new technology and get a good return on investment, how to quickly reskill the workforce, how to best work with startups and how to deal with cultural change from the top on down. We want The Innovator to be a platform for innovators to exchange best practice on all of these issues and serve as an early warning system about disruptions to come. That is why we are launching Radar, our new subscription newsletter. Published each Friday, The Innovator’s Radar delivers interviews with digital transformation experts, insights on how startups are changing business, our new ‘Profits with Purpose’ segment and more, including Key Takeaways from top tech events you’ve perhaps not had the time to attend or watch  online. Radar subscribers will also have access to exclusive content such as ‘Chambers With A View’; a monthly column written by former Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers, who was ranked as one of the U.S.’s best performing CEOs.

Now, more than ever, the world needs innovation.  Our goal is to bring you best-in-breed reporting on all aspects of digital transformation and to pioneer a business model that will support quality journalism. As we grow our list of paid subscribers we will be able to increase the number of contributions from top level journalists around the world. We are just getting started.

The Innovator Team

Jennifer L. Schenker, The Innovator’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, has been covering the global tech industry from Europe since 1985, working full-time, at various points in her career for the Wall Street Journal Europe, Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune, Red Herring, BusinessWeek and Les Echos. Schenker founded Informilo, a U.K. media company that published news about the global tech sector. Under  her leadership Informilo published 42 print magazines in 14 countries and launched a subscription service and events business. Schenker sold her shares in Informilo  in April 2016 and launched The Innovator. Schenker was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe in 2015 and 2016 and was named in Forbes 2018 list of 30 women leaders disrupting tech in France. She has been a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneers judge for 20 years. She lives in Paris and has dual U.S. and French citizenship.

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