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Startup Of The Week: Wunder Mobility

Wunder Mobility, a Hamburg, Germany-based startup, has developed a smart mobility marketplace and tech platform that provides smart shuttles, scooters, car sharing and digital parking space reservations to consumers, corporates and cities. Its technology is used in more than 100 cities on five continents to power more than 100,000 vehicles facilitating over 12 million trips worldwide. Its customers include Daimler, BMW and SEAT.

The offer includes a turnkey solution for fleet operators that allows them to digitalize their transport operations or kickstart a new mobility venture. It is being used to manage fleets of kick scooters, electric scooters, cars and rickshaws. One of its customers is Hive, MyTaxi’s scooter sharing solution, which is owned by Daimler. ”The five-year-old startup also has developed technology for pooled ride-sharing services. « From a city perspective car pooling makes a lot of sense but the tricky part is you have to find ways to incentivize people so we are working with employers, » says Sam Baker, Wunder Mobility’s Co-founder and COO. « For example we work with a large telecom company in Munich on a corporate car pooling program. The convenience benefit is they will only validate parking in their lots for the cars of workers that have been carpooling. »

To that end Wunder Mobility has just launched an app that allows users to find and book parking spaces in advance. The application navigates the user to the space and automatically recognizes the license plate. Floor sensors, which detect the occupancy of parking spaces, control the availability. An operator dashboard provides detailed real-time information such as total occupancy. The goal is to enable companies, property and fleet managers, airports and shopping center operators to make better use of parking spaces.

« We want to be the facilitator, » says Baker. « If you are an OEM and you want to branch out into car sharing or scooter sharing we can provide you with a software solution end-to-end. All you have to do is install a telecom device within the vehicles and connect into our platform. We don’t have a point of view around any one type of hardware, we can handle a whole range of leading solutions. »

Wunder Mobility also plans to work more closely with cities, helping them create a public/private transit infrastructure for the digital age with limited investment, says Baker.

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