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Plugsurfing, a German startup, gives users access to Europe’s largest network of electric car chargers, through a a special key to charge your car and an app that locates the nearest free charging points (photo above).

It is one of about 80 startups exhibiting at Autonomy, an urban mobility conference taking place in Paris October 19–21.

Startups will pitch sessions in front of investors and big companies on Thursday 19 October and and participate in speed meetings with big groups on Friday 20 October.

The best candidate will be awarded with a €30,000 prize from conference sponsors K&L Gates and Leonard, the new startup arm of Vinci, the French concessions and construction company.

Below find a selection of other mobility startups to meet at Autonomy.



CGON has created fuel additive systems that reduce car emissions. Its units create a small amount of pure hydrogen that is sucked into the engine and burns off polluting gases.



The company has developed a helmet with the first wearable brake light connected to a mobile app that calls emergency services with GPS coordinates in case of an accident.



The company acts asan emobility service provider, closing contracts with charging point operators such as Innogy, EnBW, Allego and Vattenfall to allow charging at their stations. Its users can charge their cars across Europe’s largest charging network with one payment method.



A mobile fuel station connected to an app, Pomp delivers fuel directly to its customers. The service is especially interesting for companies with fleets, which can waste time and money refueling.



Stroma Vision’s driver monitoring system uses facial recognition and image processing technology to track drivers’ attention, fatigue and distraction, while biometrical reading can detect drunken driving.



Drivers of electric cars often fear that they will run out of juice far from a station. Fazel One offers wireless charging technology that works by induction to charge its own battery while driving and extend range.



A system for detecting danger on the road, Safemode says it can improve driving and eliminate the human factor in car accidents. The product is aimed at fleets, rental car companies and car manufacturers.



Busup is a mobile platform for organizing bus trips — between friends, colleagues, team members. The app offers tools for planning the trip, ways to invite friends and a secure payment system to share costs.

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