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AI For Global Goals 

A new program at Oxford University called AI for Global Goals is aiming to create a platform to train and inspire the next generation of artificial intelligent experts and connect them to industries and causes that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.) The Oxford program is targeted toward any private or public company that is directly or indirectly related to any of the 17 Global Goals and willing to contribute to the fulfilment of the U.N’s  2030 agenda. Companies who get involved will be offered  the opportunities to train and upskill their current machine learning/deep learning/data scientists and engineers with the latests developments in theoretical and applied machine learning and deep learning, meet the world’s top AI talents, offer career opportunities to participants, and share their stories to inspire the AI talents to consider careers in SDG-related industries.

Big corporates are having a hard time attracting and retaining machine learning and deep learning specialists because they are in competition with big tech companies who spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year just in talent acquisition. Many of the companies in need of AI talent are in industries such as healthcare that – if successful – can help accelerate the fulfilment of SDGs.“ We believe that providing companies targeting the SDGs with an opportunity to tell their stories and share their missions and aspirations and the role they can play towards fulfilling the SDGs can inspire the talents to join them and hence help close the AI skills gap,” says program director Mona Alinejad.

AI For Global Goals’ first event, the Oxford Machine Learning Summer School Program, targets industry professionals from large corporates with relevant backgrounds in computer science and machine learning and deep learning, postgraduate students (PhD and MSc) and academics (postdocs and faculty). For more information click here: (

The third edition of the world’s biggest event on the platform economy will take place in November as a hybrid physical/virtual event.

Focus: how to fightback and accelerate economic recovery post-Covid with Platform and Ecosystem strategies.

World’s leading speakers, case studies and use cases on business model transformation, breakthrough innovation and venture building.

Featuring: ‘Finance 4.0 — the new platform for the new economy’: how embedded finance will stimulate the next wave of growth

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