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Startup Of The Week: Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life’s software platform promises to allow corporates to securely connect air and ground robots by leveraging 5G, AI and Edge computing, simplifying onboarding and reducing the total cost of ownership. Customers include TELUS, Telefonica, SEAT, Ericsson, and BT.

“We act as one central intelligent brain powering different robotics use cases in Industry 4.0 and intelligent cities such as perimeter surveillance, asset inspection and supply chain,” says Nicholas Zylberglajt, Unmanned Life’s CEO and co-founder.

Unmanned Life is one of five finalists in a global startup competition organized by 4YFN, a conference about innovation taking place during Mobile World Congress February 27-March 2. About 700 startups are expected to attend. The Innovator is a media partner of the event.

The problem that Unmanned Life is trying to solve is the orchestration of air and ground robots. “Millions of ground robots and commercial drones are going to be deployed in the years to come,” says Zylberglajt. “Each of them has their own programming language but companies need them to work together. We have created a platform that allows them to interact and talk to each other.” Corporates can use the same platform for different use cases, such as surveillance and inspection, reducing the total cost of ownership. What’s more, the platform’s ability to use Edge computing to dynamically distribute data to the most efficient points makes the whole process faster and more secure, enabling use cases that scale, he says.

Deployments can be on the Cloud, on premises, or on the Edge, dynamically offloading data, typically via 5G, to achieve optimal performance. Importantly the platform also permits connections through different types of networks like WIFI or 4G. Network interoperability is key in industrial environments where network connectivity is fundamental to preserving IT systems integrity.

The platform’s ability to leverage Edge computing to dynamically offload data is among the key differentiators that set the company apart from competitors like Lorenz Technology, Formant and Percepto, says Zylberglajt, who will be speaking on a panel about the Cloud during MWC and pitching as a finalist at 4YFN.

Unmanned Life has taken part in R&D programs on 5G, Robotics and AI at both the UK and European level, working on multimillion dollar industrial projects involving the Port of Bristol, Cellnex, Airbus, Nokia, Orange, and Thales, he says.

The founders have been working on the technology since 2015. They launched Unmanned Life in London in 2021.  The company has raised a total of £4 million. In addition to TELUS and Telefonica its main investors include Venionaire Capital, Jota2Group, MOTEC Ventures, and Alpere Capital.

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