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Startup Of The Week: Mavenoid

Mavenoid, a startup founded in Sweden, has developed an AI-powered platform for technical support that enables companies to automate repetitive support issues and empower service teams. Mavenoid can guide technicians’ decisions when fixing broken machinery at industrial sites or to help consumers troubleshoot problems with everything from their headphones to dishwashers. Its customers include BSH, Jabra, Husqvarna and ABB.

“Chatbots are generally built to facilitate easy conversation and simple flows, not to solve problems. Instead, Mavenoid’s product assistant uses AI to diagnose and solve technical problems, so our customer’s end-users can actually fix their broken products on their own,” says Jonathan Koo, Mavenoid’s Head of Marketing. The Stockholm-based startup also claims to have an edge over most support platforms. “General support platforms need to be a lot of things— a CRM, ticket system, email provider, knowledge base, etc because they serve such a wide scope of customers,” says Koo. “That prevents them from becoming too deep in any specific area or industry. Maveniod specializes in the support of physical products, which means our features— AI-powered product assistants, diagnostic engines, live video support tools, agent dashboards— all are optimized to solve real-world tech problems, leading to higher resolution rates, quicker solution times, and ultimately happier customers.”

The company’s technology covers problem definition, self service and live remote support. Machine learning works across the platform. When tickets are solved, either by humans or the product assistant, new data is fed back into the system, keeping the content up to date and making troubleshooting more accurate, says the company. The idea is to empower customers to solve problems for themselves so that only the more difficult cases need to be redirected to human customer support teams.

In the case of washing machines “8 times out of 10 when consumers call customer support to say they can’t open the door of their washing machine, it is because the child lock is in place. They are really unhappy if they have to pay €200 for a technician to come out to their homes just for that issue,” says Tilda Sander, Mavenoid’s Head of Growth and Partnerships. The startup “can give customers easier and better guidance when something is not working,” she says. What’s more, many people are not comfortable having a stranger enter their homes to fix appliances during the COVID-19 pandemic, she says, so a remote solution is ideal.

Mavenoid was founded in 2017 by two former Palantir employees — CEO Shahan Lilja (pictured here) and CTO Gintautas Miliauskas.The company has raised $10 million to date. It operates across the United States, Europe and United Kingdom.

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