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Startup Of The Week: EcoTree

France’s EcoTree enables companies and individuals to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees locally. The French startup has 1,5000 companies ranging from SMEs to large corporates as clients as well as some 60,000 individuals. Société Générale is both a customer and an investor. Forests are the second largest carbon sink on the planet and home to 80% of the world’s land biodiversity. The pitch is that by buying trees in sustainably managed forests companies can help sequester carbon and help slow the erosion of biodiversity, aiding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to the fight against climate change. “We try to close the gap between good intentions and concrete action by offering simple, tangible ways to have a positive impact on ecosystems in local forests that you can actually visit and benefit from,” says Thomas Norman Canguilhem, a co-founder and the company’s international CEO.

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