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Are You Ready For AI?

Written by John Chambers

Cisco commercials that ran in 2000 asked, “Are you ready?” for the Internet, a transformative technology that truly changed the way we work, live, learn and play. Today, the question companies ought to be asking themselves is, “Are you ready?” for the next disruptor in technology – AI.

After Microsoft announced it was investing $10 billion in OpenAI in January 2023, the world quickly realized the potential for this technology to disrupt everything it touches – and as such, companies had to declare their stance on AI and their plans to embrace it. In the months following, leaders had to report where they were in the implementation of AI, and decide whether their organization was going to be a beneficiary or a victim of this transformation.

Now, we are at the crossroads of a gold rush and a fear rush. AI is essential to every company’s strategy, regardless of size; but despite the universal need for an AI strategy, there is not a clear roadmap for how companies should deploy it. As we encounter a speed of change unlike anything we’ve ever seen, there will undoubtedly be plenty of opportunities and challenges – how leaders navigate will determine who wins and who loses in the Age of AI.

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